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Steve Metcalf

Kindle Edition
217 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jake Marquette loves to draw. So much so, in fact, that he often sketches images while sound asleep. His affliction – somnillustration – has been a part of his life since a very young age. Usually, his sleep-sketching results in poorly-drawn landscapes, misshapen homes or unrecognizable faces – images conjured up directly from his subconscious. Last night, however, he drew a figure that shook him to the core.The woman in chains.She is a prisoner - dirty face, disheveled hair, torn clothing, chains at her ankles. She fears for her life and is quickly losing hope for the future. For the next four nights, Jake draws different images of the same woman, sketches of a pirate ship and an oddly detailed treasure map.Now, aided by two close friends, Jake will attempt to uncover the secrets of the woman in chains who is inexorably tied to the buried treasure of pirate captain Dutch Aceveda.